chat gpt children's book


There’s a large table at Lanser’s on Main known as ‘the family table’. Once an orphan table that we adopted to seat people who visit Lanser, or one of the team.

A lot goes on and is discussed around the family table. Business, wine, food, trending news, arm wrestling, philosophy, politics, and of late, a little ChatGPT.

Having introduced members of the team to artificial intelligence, through a practical show of some of what ChatGPT is capable of, a story was asked for. The exact prompt was,

Please write a children’s story, 500 words long, about a warrior named Alaster and an evil Dragon called Charles.

Alaster works in the scullery and Charles is the Barman at Lanser’s on Main.

What you’re about to read, is that story, written by ChatGPT, and illustrated by Dall-E, and put together in an hour, on a Saturday afternoon, at Lanser’s on Main.

We know it’s not perfect (especially the illustrations). However it does represent a particular spirit that lives inside of Lanser’s on Main, which can be described like this:

Our passion for creating great food and memorable dining experiences for our guests, is an open invitation to be playful, creative and to try new things, even when it’s difficult with no guarantee how it will turn out.

Today it just so happened to take the form of a children’s book. Tomorrow, we wait and see…….

dall-e children's book

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom, there was a brave warrior named Allaster. Allaster was known throughout the land for his bravery and courage. He had fought countless battles and had never been defeated. He was strong, smart, and always ready for a challenge.

One day, a terrible dragon named Charles arrived in the kingdom. He was an evil dragon who had come to destroy everything in his path. Charles was big, fierce, and very dangerous. His breath was like fire and his claws were sharp as knives.

allaster the brave warrior

The people of the kingdom were terrified. They had never seen a dragon before and they didn’t know what to do. Allaster knew that he had to do something to stop Charles before it was too late. He decided to confront the dragon and put an end to his evil plans.

Allaster rode out of the kingdom on his trusty horse and soon came face to face with the dragon. Charles was angry and let out a mighty roar. Allaster was not afraid. He charged towards the dragon with his sword drawn and ready for battle.

charles the bad dragon

The two warriors clashed in a fierce battle. Charles breathed fire and tried to claw Alaster with his sharp talons, but Alaster was quick and agile. He dodged the dragon’s attacks and landed a powerful blow with his sword.

The dragon roared in pain and took to the air. Alaster knew that he couldn’t let Charles escape. He chased after the dragon on his horse, determined to end the battle once and for all.

allaster shoots the magic arrow

The dragon flew higher and higher into the sky, but Alaster was not afraid. He reached into his saddlebag and pulled out a magical arrow. He had been given the arrow by a wise old wizard who had told him that it had the power to defeat any dragon.

Alaster took aim and fired the arrow. It flew through the air and struck Charles right in the heart. The dragon let out a final roar and fell to the ground, defeated.

allaster is a hero

The people of the kingdom cheered as Alaster rode back into town. They were amazed by his bravery and skill in defeating the dragon. Alaster was hailed as a hero and the people threw a great feast in his honor.

From that day on, Alaster was known as the greatest warrior in all the land. He had defeated the evil dragon Charles and saved the kingdom from destruction. The people of the kingdom knew that they could always count on Alaster to protect them from any danger that might come their way.

allaster rides into the sunset

And so, Alaster lived the rest of his life as a hero, beloved by all who knew him. He knew that he had done something truly great, and that his name would be remembered for generations to come.