A few weeks ago we welcomed Caitlin de Kok for dinner at Lanser’s on Main. Caitlin writes for the online platform All4Women. They describe themselves as:

We are the go-to guide for South African women at all stages of their lives who want to stay informed, inspired and entertained. We want to share relatable reads and offer budget-friendly advice and practical solutions that add value to women’s busy lives.

It’s not like we ever feel completely relaxed and easy when it comes to welcoming our guests, and ensuring they have the best possible dining experience, but there’s an extra layer of anxiety that is added when it’s someone who’s not only going to critique us, but also write a piece that will end up on a platform serving content to thousands and thousands people every single day.

In Caitlin’s case we did what we do every single day. Heads down, big smiles and deliver the tastiest food, the best service and the most relaxing and enjoyable ambience we possibly can. Based on Caitlin’s write-up, we did it well. Here are a few of her reflections:

If you’re a Johannesburg foodie and looking for the latest spot in the Northern Suburbs to visit, Lanser’s on Main is a great choice. Think authentic and hearty Italian and French food, a passionate chef (Lanser himself) and five-star service all around.

We were greeted by a relaxed and laid-back ambience. The restaurant’s décor is focused on an old-school European Bistro theme, with black and white movies playing above the bar and classic French music playing in the background.

Lanser Fourie, the namesake of Lanser’s on Main, is present and hands-on in all aspects of his restaurant and that passion shines through in the details – from Lanser himself talking through the menu with each guest and taking their orders, to the care that is put into each meal.

It’s definitely worth a visit (and another and another – I know it’s going to be a firm favourite of mine), whether you are a visitor to Johannesburg or a resident.

Thank you Caitlin, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Lanser’s on Main for another visit. And another, and another 🙂

— Lanser

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