There can’t be a finer way to clear your mind and prepare for the next day’s elections, than an evening with friends playing Music Bingo, at Lanser’s on Main in Bryanston.

Lots of fun, awesome music to transport you through the ages, yummy meals, and plenty of laughter.

Seating is limited.Booking is essential!

#bistromusic #bistrolove


  • Each team will receive a bingo card (per round) and pen
  • Look over your card which has 25 squares, these are filled with song titles & artists (and a FREE SPACE in the middle)
  • Our host will then announce the start of the round, and then start to play the music.
  • Your job is to listen carefully, cross the songs or artists off your card.
  • Once you’ve filled in the squares that create the Bingo Goal for that round, you yell BINGO!!
  • If you’re correct, you’re a winner. If not, then we carry on until we get another BINGO!!


28 May 2024
Starts at 19:00

Lanser’s on Main
453 Main Road, Bryanston

  • Absolutely NO Entry Fee
  • A couple of food specials
  • Lots of fun and Bistro style happiness
  • Great music
  • Tables of 6-ish