The Wine Pairing evenings at Lanser’s on Main always begin with a fun poem about wine. We search high and low for light hearted rhymes that will start the evening with a smile. Sometimes we write them ourselves

For our Buitenverwachting Wine Pairing in August 2023, we had the winemaker, Brad Patton, visiting us. We wrote the following poem to kick things off….



It’s the marketers in the room
Who must be in a state
We have a wine with a name
Impossible to articulate

There are basic rules to obey
When creating a brand
Simple, one or two syllables
Easy to remember and understand

Google, Lego, Cotton On
Whatsapp, DHL, Bard
Nerf, Typo, and Shell
They work, cos they’re not that hard

And the winemaker’s with us tonight
Brad, with his entourage
Will he agree with this assessment?
Or insist it’s sabotage!

Bit and for wag thing
Brute and formatage
I’ve been practising all week
And the correct pronunciation is still at large

However, let me tell you one thing
That’s not easily found today
When you’ve got a perfect product
Marketing becomes child’s play

You can call it what you want,
You can dress it up as a clown
When your wine’s as good as Brad’s
You get to wear the golden crown

So please, enjoy tonight
Taste and savour every option
Because it’s always an unforgettable evening
When you’re drinking Buitenverwachting

by Barrie Bramley