The Wine Pairing evenings at Lanser’s on Main always begin with a fun poem about wine. We search high and low for light hearted rhymes that will start the evening with a smile. Sometimes we write them ourselves

For our L’Aviner Wine Pairing in August 2023, we wrote the following poem to kick things off….


A bistro in Bryanston uptown,
Delicious tastes abound.
With dishes so fine,
In candlelight shine,
A culinary treasure is found!

In the kitchen, Chef Lanser is king,
With a ladle, a spatula swing.
His creations divine,
Matching flavours with wine,
A culinary dance is taking wing!

In glasses, L’Avenir we shall pour,
A wine to adore and explore.
With aromas so bold,
Creating stories untold,
A sip of the future in store!

by Barrie Bramley