In one of the legends of St Valentine, we hear of a priest who defied the Roman Emperor of the time, and fought against the injustice of keeping couples who loved each other apart because it was believed it would make better warriors out of young men. The story doesn’t end well for St Valentine, and he pays the ultimate price for his belief in life long love and partnership.

We drink a toast to St Valentine. And that’s where we draw the line. Those of us who work at Bryanston’s favourite Bistro Restaurant are lovers not fighters. And while we may be prepared to sacrifice for a perfectly prepared Pork Belly, or a mouth watering Linguine Prawn Pasta, none of us are going to lay down our lives for love and romance 🙂

However, on the evening of 14 February 2019 all the #BistroLove we can muster will be on display in the menu we’ve prepared for a perfect Valentine’s Dinner in the name of love and St Valentine. What’s more, we’ll have La Motte Sauvignon Blanc and Millennium at a price that will ensure you can afford that bouquet of flowers you’ve been thinking about getting 🙂

P.S. According to Google Translate, Dîner de la Saint-Valentin Magnifique means Beautiful Valentine’s Day Dinner