As with all of our wine pairing evening’s we start the even with a fun poem about wine.

Here is the poem for this month’s (Oct 2022) wine pairing evening with Villiera and Domaine Grier Wine:

The world’s a little nuts right now
And it’s not easy feeling secure
When my emotions take a slide
I reach for something sacred and pure

Whether it’s a Brut at the start
Filled with bubbles el pranava
Or a Koelenhof chenin blanc
With hints of pineapple and guava

A dry red from Roussillon
Paired with beef wouldn’t hurt
Followed by an oh so very yummy
Trockenbeerenauslese with dessert

The world’s a little nuts right now
Between Putin and the West
I’m not sure how you’re all doing?
As for me, I’m drinking my best

by Barrie Bramley