Come, all you wine lovers, and gather round,
Tonight we’ll explore flavours that abound.
From the vines of Simonsig, both red and white
We’ll sample their wines, and pair them just right.

First, a crisp Chenin Blanc, so versatile in style
Paired with a Portuguese Fish Stew, hmmm, you’re going to smile
Then, a Pinotage, full , robust,
To go with mushrooms, roasted to perfection, no fuss.

And finally, a Bordeaux, for toasting and cheer,
As we raise our glasses, to the rest of this year.
Let’s sip and savour, each and every glass,
And enjoy the company of friends, and good laughs.



The Wine Pairing evenings at Lanser’s on Main all begin with a fun poem about wine. We search high and low for light hearted rhymes that will start the evening with a smile.

For our Simonsig’ Wine Pairing evening in April 2023, we selected the above poem, written by Barrie Bramley to kick things off.

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