For our Rust en Vrede wine pairing evening we started the evening off with this poem:

Table Number Four

Tonight’s our night
We’ve been waiting weeks
Our favourite Bistro
For Potato soup with leeks

They gave us ‘our’ table
The one by the door
Where we first sat
Table number 4

I remember what you ate
Thai Curry with Fish
I had the Gnocci
Oh what a dish

It’ll always be our table
Near the dance floor
Where we first fell in love
Table number 4

Tonight as we danced
I loved all our chatter
A short walk to our table
To enjoy Tempura Prawns batter

Where was your starter?
And why was there Greek salad?
It’s all going wrong
It’s the little things that matter

I called over to the owner
The big bearded one
I was gonna let him know
He had spoiled all our fun

With a furious glance
I looked at the wine
And quickly realised
We were at table number 9

by Barrie Bramley


Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash