The Wine Pairing evenings at Lanser’s on Main always begin with a fun poem about wine. We search high and low for light hearted rhymes that will start the evening with a smile. Sometimes we write them ourselves

For our Stellenrust Wine Pairing in September 2023, we were joined by Mario Monteiro representing the farm. We wrote the following poem to kick things off….


Welcome to our wine pairing
You and you. One and all
We’ve got great food and wine
Our hope for the evening… you have a ball

You’re seated in a Bistro
That’s where you’re at
Bryanston’s finest it’s said
And that’s an undeniable fact

So what is a Bistro?
South African’s don’t know
We’ve been hoodwinked by the chains
So here’s the Bistro manifesto

It’s that place you go to
When you have an itch to scratch
Somewhere deep in your tummy
Maybe a dish like Grzywacz

Historically, it a local
Where a chef made a stop
After a long day or night of cheffing
It was his food-and-wine-go-to shop

Food like mamma made
Quality, personality, just like you know
All made by a chef bleeding passion
While you’re drinking a bordeaux

It’s a perfect place to find yourself
For tonight’s Stellenrust
An undeniably great wine farm
An experience you won’t resist

by Barrie Bramley