For our Springfield Estate wine pairing evening (20 Aug 2022) we started the evening off with this poem:

The Wine Waitron

By Barrie Bramley

Hello. Good evening. I greet you with cheer
To the fancy and posh, I’m a sommelier
To the friendly and warm, call me The Som
And to the simple, less worldly, I’m a wine waitron

My job here at Lanser’s? To satisfy your senses
Don’t panic or worry, cos it doesn’t mean expensive
It’s all about ensuring a meal divine
By combining your dish with a most wonderful wine

Miss Lucy, she’s named after the endangered Stumpnose
Bursting with flavours of the pamplemousse rose
A few sips of her, right before your first bite
Miss Lucy will gift you one heck of a night

They say it’s the lost element when you’re making wine
It’s precious and free, we call it the Work of Time
Our Bordeaux Blend birthed in 2001
When it passes your lips, the fun’s just begun

When I visit your table, resist a sideways look
We’re here for a good time, let’s play by the book
And if you’re prepared to throw me a bone
You may just get poured another Life from Stone

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash