Part of surviving and thriving as a modern Restaurant is embracing platforms like TripAdvisor. These platforms are used by our guests to select the perfect establishment for whatever occasion they’re celebrating or wanting to create. The main advantage of platforms like TripAdvisor is the review section. You get to bypass the marketing messages put out by the owner, and hear directly from the patrons about their experience. Of course you’re not always reading the reviews of professionals, but you’re also given more than just the proprietors’ views to work with.

Bryanston’s favourite Bistro Restaurant

When Lanser’s on Main opened its doors we set ourselves the goal to become Bryanston’s favourite Bistro Restaurant. We decided to use TripAdvisor as our marker for that claim. When we started there were 43 restaurants in Bryanston on TripAdvisor. Today there are 55. When we opened our doors in May 2018 we were ranked number 43 (where else should the new kid on the block begin). By the end of May we had entered the top 10. We soon realised that movement in the Top 10 wasn’t going to be as brisk.

TripAdvisor isn’t the be all and end all of restaurant success. Incredibly great customer experiences and phenomenal food is the key to the success of a restaurant. We put our heads down and kept doing what we knew would make us Bryanston’s favourite Bistro Restaurant.

Progress on TripAdvisor has been slow, and during August we’d made it to number 7. We’re determined to reach the number 1 restaurant on TripAdvisor in Byanston.

Of course any movement on TripAdvisor is always because of your guest’s reviews. We’re incredibly grateful to those guests who have reviewed us. We need hundreds more in order to get to number one, but we’re focussed and determined to keep on doing what we believe in at Lanser’s on Main. Great food. Incredible Service and an ambience that makes you want to stay for hours.

Thank you for your support.