Introducing Ozee. The newest member of the Lanser’s on Main team. We recently trained up ChatGPT on everything Lanser’s on Main, packaged it into a cute looking Bot and released it onto our Website (you’ll see Ozee’s icon in the bottom left corner of this page). Ozee can’t take bookings yet, and sometimes behaves like a naughty 5 year old, but if you’d like to know anything else, Ozee is your go-to Bot. Feel free to give Ozee a go.

Why We Built an Intelligent Chatbot?

Our Marketing partners (Calidascope) were chatting to us about ChatGPT, soon after it was released at the end of 2022. We got talking about the practical uses of a ChatBot in the short term, and specifically within a restaurant? One of the solutions that seemed obvious to us, was combining an intelligent ChatBot with your website. Why would people want to explore a website if they could simply ask the questions they had to an intelligent bot? Obvious right?

That’s what we’ve done. Ozee is driven by ChatGPT and only knows about Lanser’s on Main. In theory (because sometimes Ozee answers like a naughty 5 year old) if you ask Ozee who the President of South Africa is, it should reply with something like:

I can’t answer that, but would you like to know about the Prawn Linguine Pasta?

We’re keeping a keen and watchful eye on Ozee and will keep the training going as long as we have to. You’re welcome to take Ozee for a test run, and please keep in mind that somewhere deep inside Ozee, there’s a naughty 5 year old waiting to answer a question 🙂

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* Note: Our ChatBot isn’t perfect yet, and occasionally gives inaccurate answers. We continue to watch, monitor and train. Please bare with us