As is tradition at Lanser’s on Main (Bryanston’s Favourite Bistro) Wine Pairing Evenings, we start the night with a Fun Poem about Wine. Later on in the evening we read a second one. At our Delaire Graff Wine Pairing evening on 5 December 2020, these were the poems we selected:

by Dean Walker

A glass of wine works every time
First glass of wine, just give it time
Second glass of wine, everything is fine
Third  glass of wine, everything  is  starting to rhyme
Fourth glass  of  wine , I can’t think of another line
Fifth glass of wine,  I  don’t care if I’m not a poet
I am awesome and I  know it  😉

by Linda Fowler

There once was a friar respectable
All thought of him purely impeccable
He took grape from the vine
then fermented strong wine
And now he is quite unacceptable

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Photo by Nick Brookenheimer on Unsplash