As we’ve written before, it’s become customary at our Wine Pairing evenings to start the evening with a poem or two. We look for fun and light hearted poems.

For our Springfield Wine Pairing at the end of October, we used these two poems during the evening:

The Wisdom of Wine and Gin

by Mark Goodson

My hair has receded and my belly grown fat
There’s hair growing in my ears and I don’t like that
My joints ache all the day and I have troubles with peeing
I’m tired all the time and have glasses for seeing
Gravity has taken over putting life in a downward spin
No wonder I enjoy drinking a little wine and gin

Harry-Elaine Cooking with Wine

by Harry Horsman

My wife loves to cook with wine
when friends come around to dine.
sometimes when she’s in the mood
she puts some in the food.